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How John Whiting Is Disrupting The Business Coaching Industry By Helping Entrepreneurs Become Bulletproof

There’s an ever-increasing pandemic amongst entrepreneurs in 2021… and it’s not coronavirus… it’s ‘strategies & tactics’.

Entrepreneurs have access to an abundance of “how-to” information through courses, programs, coaches, gurus and YouTube tutorials.

It’s all out there.

But still, entrepreneurs struggle to break through and actually create a real, successful business.


Entrepreneurs’ minds are their real obstacle.

“After selling my 7-figure agency in 2019 and working with over 3,000 entrepreneurs on the ‘how-to’s’ of business growth, it’s become glaringly obvious that success as an entrepreneur has about 5% to do with the strategy & tactic and 95% to do with eliminating the fears, doubts & frustrations that every entrepreneur experiences at one point or another”

From 2011 to 2017, John struggled with random sales & entrepreneurial endeavors never making more than $28,000 per year.

“It was bad. I’ll just put it that way. I was a mess. I was frustrated… and I had tried literally every ‘self-help’ book, seminar, guru & solution out there — I could recite exactly how to build a 7-figure business to you even… but I couldn’t actually get myself to have the consistency, clarity & focus to actually get it done.”

In 2015, John was serendipitously introduced to a mentor (he prefers to remain anonymous) who shared ‘the missing piece’ as John says that made all of the dots connect.

“I was introduced to a concept that basically states – ‘You’re already the powerhouse… your mind just has these imbalanced perceptions that effectively keep you seeing through ‘drunk goggles’ as an entrepreneur… when you balance those perceptions, the goggles come off and all that is left is clarity, confidence & power”

Most “personal development” philosophies and processes tell you that “Adding more” through affirmations, meditations, routines, incantations and “stepping into the ‘new version’ of yourself” is the answer. 

“Not to say that doesn’t work for some people, but in my personal experience, I always felt like I was lying to myself when I was doing all of that, it just wasn’t ME”.

“Most ‘personal development’ is an addition process. Adding ‘new beliefs, new routines, new ways of thinking’. The Bulletproof Entrepreneur process is a removal process.”

Long story short, after working with my mentor for 2 years systematically removing these mental imbalances, John went from $28k per year to building two 7-figure businesses, selling one and improving literally month over month at an alarming rate.

In late 2020, John launched his Bulletproof Entrepreneur program that helps Entrepreneurs systematically remove every last mental block and let their best come out.

He has had over 80 Entrepreneurs go through the program so far and measurably from day 1 to day 60, they experience an average of:

  • 27% reduction in Fear & Anxiety
  • 20% reduction in Frustration
  • 53% reduction in self-doubt
  • 36% reduction in emotional ups & downs
  • 36% increase in energy
  • 26% increase in certainty & drive
  • 40% increase in life & business alignment
  • 53% increase in confidence
  • 87% increase in focus

Note: the above statistics were rated on a simple 1-10 scale on day 0, 30, 60 & 90

How does that translate to business performance?

John’s clients have experienced a 78% increase in monthly revenue in their businesses in the first 60 days alone. Just by removing mental blocks.

“I knew it was the difference that made the difference for me after years of struggling with the traditional stuff. I truly believe that everybody knows instinctively they have the next level within them already. 

When I speak to groups of entrepreneurs, I always ask, ‘How many of you know you have the next level within you already?’ – inevitably every single hand goes up”

“All we do in our Bulletproof Entrepreneur program is help entrepreneurs remove the mind trash keeping them from getting there. They are then able to apply all of this “how-to” information in a way that actually creates the desired results.”

John and his team surveys their clients every 30 days in each of the above categories to track their progress.

“I wanted to make all of this work quantifiable so our clients can actually track results and not sit there wondering if it’s ‘working’ or not – so far, I’m very encouraged by the results and look forward to fulfilling our mission of helping 100,000 entrepreneurs become bulletproof!”

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