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Positive B. White – A successful businessman in the Advertising Industry

Due to the pandemic, the world is facing different changes and it has formed 2020 a year of uncertainty and distrust. Moreover, to the economic fallout, the world is faced with a mental and emotional health crisis. This pandemic has changed the world into a digitization industry. Everyone is busy working on digital media. Similarly, digital media is the prime focus on advertising the business. Due to this, the majority of people have switched to digital advertising.

Positive B. White is known with the name of Brandon White in the business world. He helps businesses grow through motivation, passionate and positive advertising. No doubt, this is the best way to increase business awareness in the market. Venturing forward in the business particularly when you are new to the business isn’t simple. For most individuals, it is difficult to deal with the difficulties of the advanced business industry since the street isn’t smooth for individuals.

About Positive B. White

Positive B. White

White belongs to Georgia and he grew up playing numerous sports but was most importantly a track runner. He’s a junior Olympic winner alongside his 4 by 1 track race team – an award they achieved in 1996. The businessman excelled in several sports and has won the awards of the best-attacking player for the basketball team of Stephenson High School in 2001. 

White successfully turned his love for passion into a great business to achieve his goals when he started working in the PR department for the Atlanta Falcons back in 2008. He interviewed many players and worked as a link between the media and the players.

With a positive mindset, he has accomplished his success and achieves the target. These are the ways through which he has achieved success. The road to success was not smooth for him but he knows how to make things in his favor. You can access him on

About his Company

In 2014, he has launched his company with the name Motivated Advertising LLC with the vision to encourage individuals and businesses to pursue passion and positivity. The unique advertising technique has worked wonders for White and he adds some famous clients to his company. The organization has an online talk show and podcast that hosts several comedians, professional athletes, directors and music producers. He has also worked as a brand ambassador for the Atlanta Hawks back in 2017.

White has worked with different famous brands and names in the industry. With his extraordinary business sense, he has made his space in the business world.  According to Whiteprofessionalism is the key to success. Make every aspect clear and transparent for the customers so that he selected the name that is relevant to your business. It should give a clear picture of your business. Transparency is the prime feature of our services. During his career, he has learned how to drive traffic to the website and convert it into sales. So, affiliate marketing was another venture to step into the marketing industry.