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Manon, an Opportunist Who Thrives in The Midst of a Pandemic.

Manon Andrieux is a French female model/actress, represented by Elite Model Management with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Toronto. Manon was first spotted by an agent in the art industry in late 2011, where she soon flourished in the world of fashion. Soon after, Andrieux’s charisma and dedication landed her several sponsorships, enabling her to be featured in magazines and posters.  Andrieux also collaborated with a plethora of clothing catalogs for young children and teenagers during this time.

In 2014, Manon decided to suspend her modeling career, shifting gears to engage in graduate studies at the University of Toulouse. During this section of her life she dedicated her time to obtaining her DUT in Business and Administration Management. Manon continued to seek connections adjacent to her education, granting her additional opportunities in the media industry. Proving herself as an attentive person, capable of balancing work and school, Manon’s ship had set sail and was on a course for a blooming future.

Manon says her heart always led her back to modeling. During the novel Coronavirus lockdown, she was able to capitalize and become one of the hot topics in the fashion and beauty industry through a combination of her glamour and brains. She now works with several agencies and international beauty brands where she performs photo shoots, featured on her Instagram, Manon.Uk. Two of her most popular beauty brand partnerships include Pretty Little Think and BBRryance of France, where she commands the attention of aspiring models around the world. In addition to her advertisements, Manon also stars in various international short films. Manon makes it evident that she knows no bounds to her success and will always continue to pursue new challenges.

From short films to advertising videos, female actress Manon Andrieux always finds her way into the limelight. Manon attributes her success to her work ethic and perseverance in academic excellence and the entertainment/media business in the midst of a global pandemic. She believes that others can find the motivation and dedication to improve their quality of life and career even during times of great social separation.

Manon found a way to monetize her passion by becoming a social influencer on various platforms where she has amassed over 75,000 fans and counting.  Although Manon’s social media pages have recently taken off, she remains extremely humbled by all of the opportunities and lifelong connections she has secured in the industry.  She continues to build her personal brand and hopes to become an international sensation for all young children to admire.