The True Wireless Problems Was Solved By The Jaybird’s Vista Earbuds

The True Wireless Problems Was Solved By The Jaybird's Vista Earbuds

Jaybird is back with another try at truly wireless headphones with the Vista, a redesigned model that appears to repair the various points that held back the company’s Run and Run XT models. The new buds enhance on the old ones in almost every manner, including more dependable connectivity, a lighter design, better battery life, and USB-C for charging.

Jaybird already launched a pair of truly wireless headphones this year in the form of the Run XT. However, they had been a lightly updated version of the corporate’s unique truly wireless Run model from 2017. In addition, they caught with the identical design and all the same issues that the first-generation model had.

I’ve been utilizing the Vista for a couple of week as my main headphones, and up to now, they’ve held up as well as any other top-notch truly wireless headphone in the marketplace today.

The connectivity points have been fully fixed with the Vista, because of a brand new JBS1 chipset and connectivity system. The Jaybird Run design tried to alter the formula for truly wireless headphones by using two Bluetooth connections. One was meant to attach the right earbud to a phone or computer, and the other was to communicate between the headphones (as an alternative of Near Field Magnetic Induction, which most headphones used at the time). That design didn’t work to maintain the headphones in sync.

The Vista solves that problem by utilizing two independent connections to the person’s phone.