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As Passengers Board Aircraft, A Flight Attendant Of Southwest Airlines Crawls Into Plane’s Overhead Bin

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant lately crawled into the overhead bin of an airplane in Nashville, Tennessee — surprising some passengers.

The attendant had boarding passengers do a do double-take as they looked for a spot to stow their luggage.

On Monday, passenger Veronica Lloyd shared a video of the weird moment to Twitter and questioned the attendant’s antics.

“Think about boarding a flight and never being able to put your baggage anywhere because the flight attendant is laying in the overhead bin.”

Lloyd later tweeted a photograph of the smiling Southwest flight attendant looking cozy and content nested inside the overhead bin. The lady stayed in the baggage storage space “for a solid 10 minutes,” Lloyd told Fox News.

“It was fascinating,” she added. “I feel she was doing it to try and be humorous and make the passengers laugh.”

Southwest later tweeted Lloyd to ask her more details about the incident.

“Seems like we might learn a bit more. Mind DMing your confirmation number? -Shelley,” a customer service representative tweeted.

Many social media users then feared that the flight attendant would get in trouble and begged for the airline to see the humorous side.

“Aw guys don’t fire her simply make sure she is in the overhead bin the right way so different luggage can fit,” one person wrote.

“Be good. One of the many causes we love flying SWA is due to your fun-loving attendants,” another added.

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