A Man Carries Missile Launcher At Baltimore Airport

A Man Carries Missile Launcher At Baltimore Airport

It might sound obvious, however, don’t bring explosives or gadgets that shoot explosives on airplanes. Even when they’re just replicas, it is nonetheless a wrong concept.

The TSA recently tweeted out two images of things that passengers tried to carry onto planes with them. Based on the information, it doesn’t seem that both travelers meant to use these items for no good; however, they had been still clearly against rules.

On Saturday, a passenger at Newark Liberty International Airport was caught with what appeared to be a grenade in his checked baggage. Based on the TSA, the authorities had been called, and the person was removed from the flight. Explosives specialists ultimately decided that it was truly a highly realistic replica of a grenade.

In fact, one thing like that also isn’t allowed on airplanes.

The TSA tweeted out a photo of the article, with the caption, “The appropriate way to pack a grenade is not to pack it at all. Passenger at EWR airport had this in his checked bag on Saturday. TSA contacted police, who eliminated the person from the plane for questioning. Explosives specialists decided that it was a realistic replica, also not allowed on planes.”

On Monday morning, TSA agents discovered a missile launcher in a checked bag at Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport. This one was not a replica.